Buy SUKAM 100AH Lead Acid Inverter Battery

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Key Feature

  • Battery Capacity: 100 Ah
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Battery Type: Tubular Battery
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  • Designed for Deep Cycling Capabilities & Longer Service Life.
  • Higher Reliability.
  • Greater Protection against Leakage and Corrosion due to Heat Shield Tamper-proof lid.
  • Excellent Charge Acceptance.
  • Larger Electrolyte Volume Reduces Frequency of Water Topping.
  • The positive and negative plates are of pasted type with sturdy construction. Negative plates are designed to match the power and long life of the positive plates. The active material is a blend of oxide, special additive and expanders for long life and performance.
  • Poly-ethylene Separators thus offers the best balanced property spectrum: excellent mechanical and chemical stability as well as good acid availability, low electrical resistance, low pore size & high porosity.
  • These are made of high quality polypropylene material with excellent resistance against impact and abrasion, thus providing overall protection against damage.
  • The special design vent plug traps the escaping acid vapor and gases to go out, thus significantly reducing evaporation of water from the cell and resulting in reduced water topping requirements of the battery.
Electrical Load Recommended Inverter Rating Back-Up Time
2 Tubelight + 2 Fan + 1 TV + 3 CFL 600 to 1050 VA 2:45 to 3:15 Hours
2 Tubelight + 4 Fan + 1 PC + 3 CFL 600 to 1050 VA 1:45 to 2:15 Hours
5 Tubelight + 7 Fan + 1 PC + 7 CFL 600 to 1050 VA 0:45 to 1:00 Hours


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